Take the display of your pet to a truly AMAZING level with a SLATE BASE STAND. It’s like furniture for your pet. NOTE: that dimensions are approximate due to the Natural Shape. The assembled size is as per the size “button”. The sizes shown in the “additional information tab” are the freight size.

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The perfect reptile tank stands

If your scaly reptile friend is your pride and joy make sure you take the display of your pet to a truly amazing level with our reptile tank stands.

The slate base stand from Nino’s Java is the perfect accessory for any reptile tank or enclosure. The stand is made from a solid piece of slate stone for its base and topped with all natural Java wood.

Why do you need our slate based stand?

Perfect accessory

This handcrafted piece of wood won’t just be beloved by your pet; it will even act as a visually appealing centrepiece for your enclosure. This is the perfect stylish and functional accessory for your reptile and you.  

Encourage natural engagement

While the slate base stand acts like furniture for your pet that’s not where its benefits end. Your reptile, like all pets, needs physical and mental engagement through the toys and accessories you provide it. This stand is an excellent way to naturally encourage engagement from your reptile.

Strong and stable

The slate stone base is reliably strong and stable for crawling reptiles so you can rest assured your precious little friend won’t be harmed or your stand damaged during regular usage.

Mobile and removable

Perfect for leaving in an enclosure or for bringing out with your reptile pet to sit on your coffee table, the stand is mobile and easy to move about.

Designed by nature

Despite the impressive smoothness of the Java timber branches, the stand (like all of our products) is handmade from naturally occurring Java trees and crafted lovingly for your pet. 

Easy assembly

The stand comes complete with just a single bolt for easy and simple connection of the java head to the slate base.

Multiple reptile tank stand sizes available

The slate base stand comes in a number of sizes to suit a variety of reptile pets. While the dimensions are approximate due to the fact that all of Nino’s Java products are hand carved from naturally occurring Java wood, the available stands come in the following freight sizes:

  • Medium Slate Base – 40cm (H) x 40cm (W) x 40cm (D)
  • Large Slate Base – 50cm (H) x 50cm (W) x 50cm (D)
  • Extra Large Slate Base – 60cm (H) x 60cm (W) x 50cm (D)

Dimensions are approximate to the extremities of the branches and provided to assist your consideration with regard to the space you are looking at fitting the Slate base into.  Note, that if you have any more queries, we are happy to be contacted through the “Contact us” function through our website 

Why choose Nino’s Java reptile terrarium stands

The entire team at Nino’s Java is just as dedicated as you are at providing the very best for your pet. Every product we sell is designed and produced with the enjoyment and wellbeing of our pets top of mind.

All of our products are 100% natural and sourced from sustainable plantations of Java trees. Due to the fact that every pet product is crafted by hand with minimal external interference, every piece of Nino’s Java catalogue is unique in exact shape and size.  

Not only are Nino’s products exquisite looking, the density and hardiness of the wood proves to perform under the toughest of conditions. Resistant to damage, dirt and decay, our products provide a sense of security for you and your pet. Enjoy!



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