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Give your pet their own ULTIMATE NATURAL house. Each hide is an individual CREATION “DESIGNED BY NATURE” – no two are alike. Reptiles, rabbits, rodents, aquarium, insects – you name it, every small animal needs a hide. Combine the beautiful natural features with other natural features like rocks, foliage and Nino’s Java branches to give your pet the best. Can be used in aquarium – looks like a log, maybe use the hole for placing a plant, the wood turns black. See bottom of page for more information inspiration.

Approximate Dimensions (cm) L x W x H

Small:       25 x 10 x 10

Medium: 25 x 15 x15

Large:      35 x 20 x 20

X Large:  40 x 30 x (25 to 30)

NOTE: Being”Designed by Nature” means the dimensions are approximate only and the shape and feature may vary from what is shown in the image. Dimensions are the external dimensions. Wall thickness is about 2 to 3 cm.



Why you need reptile hides

Reptile hides offer your scaly pet a lot more than just a little decoration in their tank, cage or enclosure.

All types of reptiles, including snakes, lizards and turtles utilise hides for a variety of reasons.

Hides offer security

Reptiles in the wild use hides of all sorts, shapes and sizes as places within which they can rest protected from lurking predators and other dangers.

While your reptile pet isn’t likely to come across any threats in the safety of your house, incorporating reptile hides will mimic their natural habitat and allow them to feel at home in your home. 

Reduce stress

Reptiles generally appreciate privacy. Reptile hides provide your pet with the opportunity to retreat into solitary silence. This is a very important function as it allows the reptile to actively reduce stress whenever it needs.

Shedding aid

There is also a very practical benefit to a reptile hide. Reptiles who shed will find their hide to be a source of more than respite. The hide can help make their shedding process easier to provide a place and surface for your pet during shedding. 

Accessing heat

Reptiles are cold blooded and therefore require an external heat source to warm themselves. Reptile hides offer plenty of varied space for your pet to bask in and service warmth from their source of heat. 

Encourage natural behaviour

In the wild reptiles are free to roam from one hiding spot to another. The more reptile hides you’re able to incorporate within their enclosure the more natural their surroundings will be and the more natural their behaviour will become. Which will make for an overall happier reptile and owner. 

Different types of hides

There are a number of different types of reptile hides and shelters. Of course, because all of the products at Nino’s Java are produced from naturally occurring wood, no two hides will ever be exactly the same. This is unlike mass produced and factory manufactured hides which are all identical but do not imitate a reptile’s natural habitat. 

Reptile hides can come in a number of different forms.

  • Caves
  • Dens
  • Rocks
  • Tunnels
  • Logs

The more variety you’re able to offer your reptile the better off they’ll be. 

Safe reptile hides

Our hides are all designed and produced by nature from plantation trees. These trees supply us with sustainable wood from which we fashion reptile hides.

Instead of using artificial materials which can prove to be harmful and unsuitable for reptiles, our hides are all completely safe, natural and comforting for your pet.

A suitable hide for every pet

There are many different types of reptiles and many different types of reptile hides. If you’re not sure what shape, form, size or type of hide is right for your scaly friend, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Nino’s Java team today. sales@ninosjava.com.au We’re only too happy to help!


  • Give your pet a HOUSEDESIGNED BY NATURE” – complete with front and back OPENINGS and WINDOW.
  • Create a peaceful SANCTUARY for your pet to hide, rest and sleep;
  • The openings still allow you to MONITOR your pet;
  • MULTIPLE positions so pets can crawl into, on top of and beside their hide;
  • Suitable for SNAKES, LIZARDS, INSECTS, RABBITS, GUINEA PIGS, HAMSTERS, RATS, MICE, QUAILS and just about any other small animal you can think of;
  • The natural look and unique shape make a great FEATURE to your setup; Add a plant or branch coming out of the openings.
  • Multiple OPTIONS in terms of placement – horizontal, vertical or lateral, PERSONALISE the openings;
  • The hard and heavy nature of the hide means they resist your pets movements, adding to your pet’s sense of SECURITY;
  • SMOOTH finish is safe and easy to maintain.



Nino’s Java is SUSTAINABLY hand crafted from plantation trees.

Being DESIGNED BY NATURE with minimal interference from hand crafting means that every single piece of Nino’s Java is UNIQUE.

The wood PERFORMS under the toughest of conditions due its combination of density, hardness, and weight. These properties mean Nino’s Java is not only super resistant to damage, dirt and decay, it also provides a sense of security to your pet.

Nino’s Java APPRECIATE you wanting the best for your pet, and we sincerely hope you both get as much ENJOYMENT as we do from our wonderful products.

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