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GIVE your dog the ALL NATURAL, TUFF CHEW. No plastics or synthetics. Allow your dog to follow their instinct and chew which not only helps with ORAL HYGIENE, but also provides ACTIVITY and EXERCISE – especially if you play games of throw and fetch. The TUFF CHEW lives up to it’s name by challenging and occupying the most determined POWER CHEWERS!  TUFF CHEW is available in 5 SIZES – Small, Medium, Large, X Large and XX Large.  All Tuff Chew are about 16cm long. 

NOTE: because TUFF CHEW is TOTALLY NATURAL, dimensions and shapes are approximate. We suggest that if you are in doubt select the larger size as that tends to make the dog have to work a bit harder at dealing with the angles.



Dogs chew toy from Nino’s Java

Why will your dog love the gift of a chew toy from Nino’s Java?

There’s simply NOTHING plastic or artificial about the TUFF CHEW. It is made from entirely natural java wood. It’s a great addition to your dog’s collection and being TUFF means dog’s can get stuck into it and enjoy.

Is Java wood safe?

In our experience, dogs who have enjoyed the TUFF CHEW have only been able to scrape at it, resulting in tiny specks - no matter what size dog.

Want to see the toys in action? Head over to our INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK page for videos of both big and little dogs tucking into their very own TUFF CHEW.

Why choose Java wood TUFF CHEW?

Aside from the TUFF CHEW, Java Wood is ideal for carving. Makes sense that it is suitable for dogs to “carve” away at them. 

Apart from the fact that all of our toys and products are ethically produced from plantation but otherwise unusable Java trees, each and every chew toy is cut by hand. This means no two chews are alike.

Not to mention that the strength and durability of Java means that the TUFF CHEW is TOUGHER and LONGER LASTING than just about any other chew on the market. In fact, some of our ‘power chewers’ are still using their Nino’s Java TUFF CHEW years later.

Are different sizes available?

Yes. There are 5 DIFFERENT SIZES (Small, Medium, Large, X Large and XX Large) which should suit just about any dog . Check out www.ninosjava.com.au and search for TUFF CHEW for more information. Please note that due to the fact that our chew toys are cultivated from naturally growing trees and are hand shaped, there can be a variety in the exact shape and sizing of each individual product. 

(Almost) Indestructible Dog Chew Toys

When choosing the right dog chew toy for your pup, you should bear in mind what sort of personality they have and how they interact with their toys and chews. The TUFF CHEW should not be seen as a replacement for other chews, we believe it should be seen as complimentary to other toys and chews. Consider it as another item that adds variety to your dog’s enjoyment and health. 

Our TUFF CHEWS will work with different types of dogs. Whether they be aggressive power chewers, occasional chewers or nibblers. 

Dog chew toys for teeth

Most definitely! Many dogs will use chewing as a way of exploring their environment. Dog chew toys can facilitate that plus offer a number of other benefits including:

  • Not as smelly as bones!
  • Help with the dental health of your dog.
  • Chewing can provide (sometimes much needed) mental stimulation including possibly helping to alleviate anxiety, stress or boredom.
  • Help prevent other destructive or unwanted chewing on things or objects around the house.

Plus, of course, dog’s LOVE our TUFF CHEWS and we all love spoiling our canine friends rotten, don’t we?

There’s no need to bark up any other trees. 🙂 Consider adding a TUFF CHEW to your dog’s chews. You can get TUFF CHEW at www.ninosjava.com.au.

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