Hi, I’m “FORAGE SQUARE“. I know that name is a bit functional and boring, but it’s WHAT’S INSIDE THAT COUNTS. Multi-coloured, (vegetable dyed) palm leaf ribbons. I’m the bird version of an EASTER EGG HUNT! On the outside I’ve got tough Pandan Matt and big buttons of Multi coloured (vegetable dyed) Java Wood that birdy can hang onto or play with. I perform even better when you hide birdie’s FAVOURITE  TREATS in me. Let’s FORAGE!

Approx. dimensions: 30cm high (incl hanging) x 20cm wide

Note product may contain or develop small pieces. Supervised use recommended at all times. Bird (Rodney) not included!

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Relieve boredom with our foraging toys for birds – Forage Square

Investing in foraging toys for birds is an important part of keeping your birds both physically and mentally healthy. Birds are intelligent, and as such can become bored and possibly even depressed. This could lead to unwanted outcomes.

There are many ways to keep your bird healthy and happy, but one of the best ways to facilitate this is to get the bird foraging. Foraging is a very natural act for birds. Foraging stimulates both mental and physical activity. 

Keep your birds healthy and happy with our foraging toys for birds

The Nino’s Java Forage Square is designed to stimulate your bird’s natural foraging behaviour. You might not realise it, but in the wild, birds spend most of their time foraging for food, so they are always busy and active with no time to become bored. Unfortunately, the opposite could occur for a pet bird, because instead of having to search for their food, it’s all laid out for them every day. This leaves them with too much time on their “claws”, so with little to do, the bird may engage in undesirable behaviour. This makes our Forage Square one of the best foraging toys for birds, because it keeps your birds entertained, active and makes them work hard for their food.

How does the Forage Square encourage foraging behaviour?

The Forage Square is ideal for all birds. It is designed to encourage your birds to forage for their food, because of the colourful raffia and other treats hidden inside. The forage square arrives packed with raffia and other natural interesting items. You can then add or re-pack the Forage Square. The Forage Square is designed to make it a challenge to get at the contents, because they need to work to get at the contents. The big buttons of java wood perform two functions. Firstly to give birdy something to hang onto, plus the buttons help to hide the insides of the Forage Pouch so that your bird has to get inquisitive and work at getting at their objectives. Your birds will need to cling to the hessian Forage Square, climb up, down and around, and hang upside down to get at their treats. This simulates their natural foraging behaviour and keeps them happy, alert and active.

100% natural Forage Square – The ideal foraging toy for birds

All bird owners want the best for their pet birds, so giving them all-natural foraging toys for birds is important. It’s good to know that Nino’s Java Forage Square is made from 100% natural products, so if your bird likes to chew all day long, they are chewing natural materials. The Forage Square is made from tough pandan matt, and contains raffia palm leaf paper, java wood, and sections of mahogany seed, so it’s handcrafted from sustainable products and is environmentally friendly. Even the different coloured dyes are 100% natural vegetable dyes!

At Nino’s Java, we know that you’ll receive just as much pleasure from watching your pet bird enjoying their new Forage Square as they do!

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