This might make your bird go a bit troppo! Plenty of COLOURS (natural vegetable dye), MATERIALS and TEXTURES. Tropicana also has a shape that allows treats to be placed in the top which hopefully encourages your bird to EXERCISE, FORAGE and be STIMULATED.

Tropicana is best suited to small and medium / small birds such as Budgies, Parrotlets, Cockatiels.

DIMENSIONS (cm) 20 dia x 20 hi


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Keeping your birds happy with foraging toys

The Tropicana is one of our newest foraging toys and is designed to keep your birds happy and entertained, providing them with a stimulating environment that perks up their day! Made from all natural materials, the shape of the Tropicana allows your birds to climb, perch and hang upside down, as well as forage for treats that have been hidden in the top of this toy.

Birds are naturally curious creatures and like nothing better than exploring new and unusual bird toys in their environment. The Tropicana helps to encourage this inquisitiveness, because it’s made from so many different shapes and materials that your birds will have to actively navigate this toy and there will always be something new to explore!

Foraging toys are important to your bird’s physical and mental health 

Domestic birds can become bored very quickly if they are not entertained and provided with a stimulating environment. That’s why bird lovers spend so much time interacting with their birds, because bored birds can become very destructive. They can damage just about anything that they can wrap their claws and beak around, simply because they need to be doing something interesting. They can also peck at their feathers or at each other’s feathers!

This is because caged birds have food that’s easily accessible, which doesn’t stimulate their natural foraging behaviour. So they don’t need to search for their food, leaving them with the vast majority of the day with not much to do. The result is that they become bored and can become depressed or destructive.

In the wild, however, birds spend the majority of their time foraging for food, which is why Nino’s Java foraging toys are so important. It’s not only that these toys can be filled with their favourite food, but that this food is usually hidden and difficult to find or access. This emulates your bird’s foraging behaviour where they have to put a lot of effort into finding their food, stopping them from becoming bored. It also stimulates them mentally, as well as giving them plenty of exercise. All of this is important to the health of your birds.

Stimulating foraging behaviour with the natural bird toys

The Tropicana is perfect for small to medium size birds, such as budgies, peach faces and cockatiels. Once you have attached the Tropicana inside their cage or on their perch, you simply need to pack the upper shell with their favourite food or treats and leave them alone. They will quickly realise that something has changed in their world and start clamouring all over the toy to learn more! The Tropicana is designed to give them a challenging climb to find their treats, stimulating their natural foraging behaviour and keeping them busily occupied.

Foraging toys for small birds

The Nino’s Java foraging toys will entertain your birds and encourage them to search for their food, but we have a range of other similar toys that your birds will also love. It’s a good idea to provide them with different toys, so they don’t have any time to be bored. We know that you will receive just as pleasure from these toys as your birds, watching them fluttering around and pecking to their heart’s content!


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