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How interesting is this oddity from outer space? So much COLOUR, SHAPE and TEXTURE. Space Oddity is not just a toy. Like most Nino’s Java products, it can be used for FORAGING and CLIMBING. The kind of things that keep clever birds ENTERTAINED, EXERCISED and STIMULATED. Check out the reed balls and the chewy plaits of vine.

Like all Nino’s Java products it comes with a nickel plated quicklink.

DIMENSIONS (cm) 20 dia x 45 hi.

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Pet bird toys from outer space!

All bird owners know that their feathered companions need lots of love and attention, otherwise they become bored very quickly. Bored birds can become annoying, destructive and very loud, which is why we designed our lovely range of exciting pet bird toys. 

No they are not made by aliens! They might look like they come from outer space, but our Space Oddity toys are designed to prevent your birds from becoming bored. It’s all about keeping your birds happy and healthy by stimulating their innate sense of curiosity to explore their world. As soon as you hang one of these toys in their cage or dangle one from their perch they will instantly start to clamber all over it, exploring this new and wonderful object in their universe

Our pet bird toys encourage exercise 

Exercise is important for pet birds because they don’t have much room to move around in their cages and might not have the opportunity to spread their wings. When you compare this more idle lifestyle to a life in the wild, you can appreciate why birds become bored. So anything that encourages them to exercise helps to keep them healthy and happy.

This is one of the many reasons why Nino’s Java pet bird toys are so popular, because they give your bird endless hours of fun every day. After all, climbing and hanging upside down, exploring a new toy is so much fun and it never gets old! 

Our bird toys help stimulate foraging behaviours

In the wild, birds need to forage for their food, spending a large part of their day with this type of activity. The remaining time they spend socialising or sleeping. Since our pet birds are given all the food they want without having to actively search for it, they are denied this natural foraging behaviour. This can cause your bird to become depressed, simply because they are bored and have nothing to do for hours on end, every day.

The solution is to give them toys that stimulate their foraging behaviour and Nino’s Java has a great range of toys that are designed to do just that! The Space Oddity belongs to our range of pet bird toys that help to make it harder for your bird to get at their food. All you need to do is to hang their favourite treats from the Space Oddity (treats can be hung from the vine plaits or threaded through the wicker balls) and they’ll need to perform a range of acrobatics to get at these treats!

Pet bird toys made from natural materials

We know that birds love to peck and chew on their toys (including their perches and your furniture!), so we make our pet bird toys from natural materials. There are no chemicals or toxins in our toys and all the materials are sustainably sourced, so they are also good for the environment. Your bird can chew all day long on the reed balls and vine plaits of the Space Oddity and you don’t need to worry about their health. We also make sure that our toys are built to last, because we know that birds can be hard on their toys. So all our toys are long lasting and durable.

If you want to bring a little excitement into your bird’s day, treat them to a Space Oddity and watch the feathers fly!

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