COLORFUL, TROPICAL, FUN! Let the GOOD TIMES ROLL. Pineapple is made from PANDANUS reed and is stuffed full with MULTICOLOURED (natural vegetable dye) paper strips and java wood pieces. Play with as is, or add / hide treats to encourage NATURAL FORAGING behaviour.

Approx. dimensions: 40cm high x 11cm diametre / across.

Note product may contain or develop small pieces. Supervised use recommended at all times.

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Nino’s Java is SUSTAINABLY hand crafted from plantation trees and other NATURAL materials.

Being DESIGNED BY NATURE with minimal interference from hand crafting means that every single piece of Nino’s Java is UNIQUE.

Nino’s Java APPRECIATE you wanting the best, and we sincerely hope you both get as much ENJOYMENT as we do from our wonderful products.

The perfect bird cage toy

The Forage Pineapple is a COLOURFUL, TROPICAL and FUN toy for pet birds of all types and sizes.

When it comes to giving your bird a GOOD TIME, it’s time to think outside the cage…

Introducing the Forage Pineapple 

Nino’s Java produces unique and sustainably sourced pet toys, including the Pandanus Reed and Java Wood stuffed Forage Pineapple.

The Pineapple is made from pandanus reed, a palm-like tree native to tropical areas. It is often referred to as screw palm or screw pine.

Inside this foraging toy is a stuffing of multi-coloured paper strips coloured with natural vegetable dye and Java wood pieces, sustainably sourced from non-producing coffee bean plantations purposefully and sustainably planted. Java wood is known for being hard and durable.

Natural foraging behaviour

Our Pineapples are designed to encourage natural foraging behaviour in your bird. The intricate weaving design and ability to either leave as is or add and hide treats gives your bird plenty of opportunity for activity and entertainment.

Preventing Boredom

Birds make for great pets and when treated properly and well cared for can live happy lives. However, birds, especially ones kept in cages, can suffer from boredom. Luckily for you a Pineapple a day keeps your bird’s boredom away! 

Encouraging exercise

Birds are intelligent animals and cage-confined birds need both physical and mental stimulation for their health and wellbeing. Our naturally-produced Pineapple products are specifically designed to engage birds and provide opportunities for use of their nails and beak whilst encouraging holding, hanging, exploring, chewing and tearing. 

Ready to Rip

Unlike other foraging products on the market, the Pineapple provides a range of interactive opportunities for your pet. Birds commonly engage in various activities such as twig flinging, bark stripping, hanging, swinging and tearing. Between the internal paper strips and Java wood pieces, and the outer Pandanus reed covering, your bird will be flapping their wings in excitement. 

Better than plastic

Leave the plastic, acrylic and cotton bird toys behind. Many birds are able to destroy and rip the plastic coatings of artificially produced bird toys which can lead to the dangerous swallowing of small pieces of plastic or worse still the ingestion of cotton which impacts the digestive tract of your bird causing birds to become very sick indeed.  Being all natural means our Forage Pineapples are much more bird friendly.

Please note: This product contains or may develop small pieces. Supervised use is recommended at all times.

Unique product

Due to the fact that our products are designed by nature with minimal interference during the entirety of the production process, each and every Pineapple we sell is unique in its specific shape, size and style. Our foraging toys are all hand-crafted with love and attention to detail by pet lovers for pet lovers.


The Pineapple measures in at 40 cm in length and a diameter of 11 cm.

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