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ENRICH your pet’s habitat NATURALLY with a MULTI BRANCH.

MULTI BRANCHES are a step up from a single branch. Multi Branches consist of MULTIPLE branches connected back to their base which has a nickel plated attachment assembly at one end. Minimal hand crafting, means that the perches retain all their original features of varying diameters, shapes and angles that keep the branch very close to it’s natural state. Multi branches can be used in the traditional horizontal way, but their positioning can be easily altered, especially with the tool-less attachment. The multi branch can be rolled into a new position, they can be shifted around your pet’s environment. They can even be hung from a ceiling or stood up vertically. Their flexibilty of uses is only limited by imagination.

The simple beauty of the Multi branches means that they can be used creatively for birds, reptiles, mammals and even aquatics. If required, the attachment assembly can be easily screwed out with pliers.

The attachment assembly resists rust and does not require tools. This means that installation and adjustment, including for maintenance purposes is easily done by hand.


SMALL 1 to 3 dia x 25 to 35 long – Budgie, Peachface

MEDIUM 2 to 4 dia x 35 to 45 long – Cockatiel, Lorikeet

LARGE 3 to 5 dia x 40 to 50 long – Galah, Eclectus, African Grey

X LARGE 4 to 6 dia x 45 to 55 long – Macaw, Cockatoo

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Nino’s Java is SUSTAINABLY hand crafted from plantation trees. The FUN is enhanced with the addition of other NATURAL ELEMENTS such as coconut, loofah, bamboo, reed, seagrass, pumice and shell.

Being DESIGNED BY NATURE with minimal interference from hand crafting means that every single piece of Nino’s Java is UNIQUE.

The wood PERFORMS under the toughest of conditions due its combination of density and hardness. These properties mean Nino’s Java is not only super resistant to damage, dirt and decay, it also provides a sense of security to your pet. Being so long lasting, means they are an investment in your pet.

Nino’s Java APPRECIATE you wanting the best for your pet, and we sincerely hope you both get as much ENJOYMENT as we do from our wonderful products.

Enrich your pet’s life with our bird & reptile wood branches

Keeping your pets happy and healthy is one of our biggest priorities, which is why our Multi Branch is so popular. These natural bird and reptile wood branches make perfect perches for your pets, whether inside or outside their cages. If you want to give your pet endless hours of fun and excitement and also somewhere comfortable and safe to perch or laze in the sun, then this is the ideal product!

Benefits of natural bird wood branches

For your pet birds, our Multi Branches are a serious upgrade from single branches inside their cage, but they can also be attached to the exterior of their cage for extra fun and entertainment. One of the great benefits of Multi branches is that they help to keep your bird healthy. That’s because when your bird perches or walks along the branches, all the different widths and angles exercise their feet and trim their claws.

Benefits of natural reptile wood branches

For your pet reptiles, our Multi Branches add an extra dimension to their lives by encouraging natural behaviours and activities that keep them healthy. Our natural reptile wood branches are perfect for basking and climbing, two behaviours that are natural for reptiles in the wild. Providing your pet reptile with an environment that mimics their natural habitat will help to keep them physically and mentally healthy. Don’t forget that most reptiles like to climb to the highest point that’s safe and bask in the sun. So if you attach our large reptile climbing branches the right distance from their light and heat sources, they can select their favourite position each day.

Designed by Nature

Made from Java wood with minimal handling means that our Multi Branches retain all the original features of the wood, such as varying diameters, shapes and angles. Java wood is a very tough wood that can stand up to a lot of damage from your pets and is very long lasting. You can attach them inside or outside your pet’s cage, horizontally, vertically or in any direction that suits your pet. They are easy to move around, so you can attach them in a different location or at a different angle every day. They can even be hung from the ceiling or stood up vertically. We have also seen them used for pet mice, hamsters and rats, as well as terrarium branches for your aquatic pets. 

Multi branches are available in a variety of sizes, as shown below.

Small: Branches are 1cm to 3cm in diameter and 25cm to 35cm long. These are ideal for Budgies and Peachfaces.

Medium: Branches are 2cm to 4cm in diameter and 35cm to 45cm long. These are ideal for Cockatiels and Lorikeets.

Large: Branches are 3cm to 5cm in diameter and 40cm to 50cm long. These are ideal for Galahs, Eclectuses and African Grey parrots.

X Large: Branches are 4cm to 6cm in diameter and 45cm to 55cm long. These are ideal for Macaws and Cockatoos. 

Multi Branches are the perfect bird and reptile wood branches, helping to optimise the health and happiness of your pets!

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