Is it a TRIANGLE or is it a PYRAMID? Whatever, it looks like a great place to either just SIT AND RELAX or alternatively you could CLIMB around on it! Place TREATS amongst the colourful but TOUGH Java Wood beads and perches to encourage climbing exercise and foraging behaviour.

APPROX DIMENSIONS (cm): 75 hi x 60 long bottom perches.

Note product may contain or develop small pieces. Supervised use recommended at all times.

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Attractive wood bird perches for large parrots

Parrots are extremely active birds and love to hang around on their wood bird perches, squawking away and making a nuisance of themselves! The Giant Triangle Swing is perfect for these birds as it gives them somewhere to sit and relax, as well as a place to climb and observe what’s happening in their domain. As a bird owner, you already know that bored parrots are dangerous beasts, so keeping them occupied is a big deal!

Apart from keeping your bird active and engaged, these Giant Triangle Swings also encourage foraging behaviour, something that’s very important for your bird. In the wild, they will normally clamber over wooden branches looking for food, so these wood bird perches are designed to simulate this behaviour, particularly when you hang their favourite treats from the swing. Pet parrots, however, don’t normally need to forage for their food, so they often become bored and lazy, which is why the Giant Triangle Swing is so popular!

Wood bird perches make great foraging toys

If you can provide activities that emulate your bird’s natural foraging behaviour you will help to promote their physical and mental health. That’s because in the wild, parrots spend most of their time foraging for food, so it’s a completely natural and necessary behaviour. This means that an activity that would normally take most of their waking hours in the wild, takes only a few minutes in captivity, because their food is on tap. With nothing else to do with their time, your pet parrot can become thoroughly bored. Which can lead to harmful and excessive preening behaviours and even destructive activities. Wood bird perches are a great solution, because they make pet parrots work for their food and simulate this foraging behaviour. 

The Giant Triangle Swing is the perfect challenge for your parrot. It encourages foraging behaviour, because it moves around as your parrot climbs over it and makes them have to think about navigating the wooden beads that also move as your bird climbs over them. It’s large enough so that your pet parrot needs to work hard to climb around and reach their treats, often needing to hang upside down to reach them!

100% all-natural Giant Triangle Swing

The Giant Natural Swing is a 100% natural toy, which is important because you want to keep your bird healthy. In fact, parrots need to chew and they love taking their toys apart, so they will spend some of their time happily chewing away at the Giant Triangle Swing, but that’s fine, because it’s tough being made from hard Java Wood on chain. These materials include sustainably sourced. Your pet parrot will have hours of endless fun racing up and down this toy, chewing away, hanging upside down and foraging for food. You don’t need to worry, because it’s made from 100% natural products that won’t harm your pet.

These wonderful wood bird perches are also handcrafted, so every single one is unique and completely different to all others. At Nino’s Java, we are sure that you will get as much fun out of the Giant Triangle Swing as your parrot, who will entertain you with hours of endless entertainment!

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