An ULTIMATE accessory for your bird. GIANT, TOUGH, PRACTICAL. Use the SIZE and FEATURES of Java Bridge to encourage the stimulating activities of FORAGING and CLIMBING. Look at the variety and detail of inclusions – cob, coconut shell and husk, pandan and reed balls, coloured java wood sticks JAVA BRIDGE is made TOUGH out of JAVA WOOD, NICKEL PLATED CHAIN and QUICK-LINKS. Because the main frame and chain is tough, you can RE-USE this to (RE)CREATE a NEW TOY. 

APPROX DIMENSIONS (cm): HUGE 60 long x 30 wide x 60 high

Note product may contain or develop small pieces. Supervised use recommended at all times.

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Experience the excitement of our coconut shell bird toys

Our coconut shell bird toys are designed to bring a smile to your parrot’s face! Whether your feathered friend is a small budgie, cockatiel, peachface or larger parrot, they can all become bored if they are not entertained. Bored parrots can become destructive, plucking their feathers, eating the furniture and demanding your attention!

The solution is to entertain them and one way to do this is by giving them toys that they can climb all over, hang upside down, peck, chew and explore. That’s why the Java Bridge is so popular, because it’s not only a fascinating toy for birds of all sizes, but it’s also made from natural materials and is extremely long lasting and durable.

Encourage exercise & stimulate your bird’s foraging behaviour

To keep birds physically healthy and mentally fit, you need to feed their curiosity and give them something to explore. That’s why we designed the Java Bridge as it fulfills both of these functions. Your bird can spend a happy few hours climbing all over their new coconut shell bird toys, perching for a while and watching the view before heading off again to discover another unexplored part of their new toy. 

Clambering over and under the Java Bride gives them plenty of exercise and it’s an activity they would normally replicate in the wild as part of foraging for food. So to encourage your bird to make the most out of their new toy, you can easily hang their favourite foods from the Java Bridge making them work harder for their treats. It’s all part of their normal foraging behaviour and birds love a good game that ends in finding treats!

Our coconut shell bird toys are 100% natural

Made from Java wood, cob, coconut shells and husks, pandan and reed balls, our coconut shell bird toys are 100% natural. That’s because we know that your bird needs a safe and toxin free environment to remain healthy and happy.  After all, your bird will spend a lot of their time either perching on their Java Bridge or climbing up, down and underneath it, even pecking at bits that seem worth their attention. We don’t want to compromise their health with toxic materials or dyes! So you have no need to worry about the quality of our Java Bridge toy, because it’s been designed with your bird’s health in mind.

Our Java Bridge is practical, durable and long lasting

All bird owners know that when bored their birds look for something to do. So the nearest piece of furniture or toy is fair game to a frustrated beak! It doesn’t take long for your bird to make their boredom known, resulting in destruction that would make a Cockatoo proud!

So you’ll be happy to know that since it’s main structure is made from nickel plated chain, and high density Java wood, our Java Bridge is extremely long lasting and durable. It will even give a determined Cockatoo a run for their money!

Java Bridge is sustainably sourced

Made from natural materials that would normally be considered as waste, all our coconut shell bird toys are sustainably sourced. This helps to keep our environment safe and your bird happy!

When your bird is starting to eye off your furniture, it’s time to introduce your feathered friend to the delights of our Java Bridge, the perfect solution for bored parrots everywhere!

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Freight Dimensions 60 × 30 × 10 cm