GIGANTIC Giggles, sometimes known as HUGE hilarity, or MASSIVE merriment? Whatever you call it, it’s FANTASMAGORICALLY TRULY GIGANTIC FUN!!! This will keep the busiest and biggest of birds ENTERTAINED and EXERCISED especially if you hide treats for FORAGING. Gigantic Giggles has COLOUR, SHAPE, TEXTURE, SOUND in the form of java wood, pumice, coconut husk and shell, pandan reed and leaf, loofah, etc etc. Gigantic Giggles is pretty much the ULTIMATE BIRD TOY. RECYCLE  the TOUGH java wood shaft, parts and nickel plated CHAIN and QUICK-LINK to (RE)CREATE your own BIRD TOY.

APPROX DIMENSIONS (cm): GIGANTIC 60 hi x 35 round.

Note product may contain small pieces. Supervised use is recommended at all times.

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Nino’s Java is SUSTAINABLY hand crafted from plantation trees.

Being DESIGNED BY NATURE with minimal interference from hand crafting means that every single piece of Nino’s Java is UNIQUE.

Nino’s Java APPRECIATE you wanting the best, and we sincerely hope you both get as much ENJOYMENT as we do from our wonderful products.

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