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Hey dude, I’m COCO SURF, and I’m here to just CHILL and HANG OUT  ’cause I’m ALL NATURAL man! I can hold your favourite TREATS inside me whilst we hang 4. I’ll even let your rip at my Coconut husk hair, or play with my COLOURFUL (natural vegetable dye), jingly, jangly Java Wood beads. NOTE – just becaue I’m all nice and natural, does not mean parts of me aren’t TOUGH. You can RECYCLE / (RE)CREATE your own BIRD TOY using my nickel plated CHAIN and QUICK-LINK, and RE-USE my java wood parts and coconut shell.

APPROX DIMENSIONS (cm); 35 hi x 20 round

Note may contain or develop small pieces. Supervised use is recommended at all times.

Coco Surf – Natural and Interesting Bird Toys!

Are you searching for natural but interesting Bird Toys for your avian companion? Birds are awesome pets, but they can be aggressive when it comes to their toys! They get hours of fun from chewing away on some of the simplest things, however it is probably best for everyone if the subject of their chewing is a bird toy and not your furniture!

That’s why you need to check out our Coco Surf toy, because it’s natural and interesting at the same time, making it perfect for your bird. Being natural means Coco Surf is safe for your bird.

Tough and Durable

If your friendly parrot has wrapped their beak around your furniture and made their mark, you will love our bird toys as they provide a more interesting alternative for your bird. Bird toys are meant to be destructible, however it helps if they last a reasonable amount of time and in doing so provide a challenge for your bird. Nino’s Java bird toys are made of many natural materials. Of course Java Wood is included, however take for example our Coco Surf. The main material in Coco Surf is coconut with the husk still attached. Parrots love ripping at the husk with their beak and feet which is great exercise. Look inside Coco and you will also see loofah and pandan reed. Of course there will be elements of the extremely tough Java Wood as well. The different materials provide differing textures and points of interest to your bird. 

Note how the hole inside Coco Surf allows treats to be hidden to encourage the natural foraging instincts of your bird. Parrots are very intelligent animals and need to be kept stimulated to avoid boredom which can lead to undesirable health issues. Encouraging foraging keeps them both physically and mentally stimulated, thus avoiding boredom. Coco Surf not only looks fun it is good for your bird.

Made from natural materials

Coco Surf is  a 100% natural product so there’s no toxic chemicals, plastics or synthetic materials used at all! Natural products are safe for your birds to chew, which is one of the reasons why our toys are so popular with bird lovers. 

Made with Love 

Each Coco Surf is handcrafted making each of our Bird Toys unique. This means that no-one else will have the exact same toy for their bird! Your birds will love their fabulous new toys, designed by nature and created with love. 

Environmentally friendly

The materials used in Nino’s Java are not only natural they are repurposed from materials that might otherwise not be used. Eg; the Java Wood comes from plantation Java Coffee trees, the coconut from coconut farms. Here at Nino’s Java we use this material to create our  bird toys, so you can rest assured they are environmentally friendly, as well as sustainably sourced. It’s always good to know that you’re not only giving your bird a natural product, but that it’s created using processes that don’t harm the environment.

Hours of fun and enjoyment

Keeping birds occupied when they are determined to destroy the nearest object can be challenging! Coco Surf will give your bird a lot of fun and entertainment. They can clamber all over it, while they try to retrieve treats from inside the coconut or destroy poor old Coco itself!


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