Nino's Java; "Designed By Nature"

It all started when looking for a display perch for our Macaw, "Nino". We wanted a perch that was going to be great for his all-round HEALTH, so it had to be NATURAL - not artificial, we wanted it to LOOK SPECTACULAR, and it had to be SUPER DURABLE to survive Nino.

Ultimately JAVA WOOD met all of our needs. Nino could not destroy it! The UNIQUE SHAPES looked great, and importantly created the EXERCISE birds need for their HEALTH. Best of all, Nino LOVED it!

That experience developed into a range not only for BIRDS, but also for DOGS, CATS, REPTILES, and POCKET PETS.

Nino's Java wide range of dog chew toys, bird perches, and pet toys are available exclusively through selected retailers or this website. Selected retailers can be found on the Store locator which is under the Contact Us drop-down menu in the top right of the Home Page of this website.

Why Nino's Java?

  • NATURAL materials such as java wood, coconut, loofah, bamboo, pandan reed, seagrass, pumice, and shell mean they are SAFE.
  • It LOOKS GREAT. Our "DESIGNED BY NATURE" philosophy combined with HAND CRAFTING means each and every piece is UNIQUE;
  • EXTREMELY DURABLE¬†materials and construction.
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY as the java wood comes from plantation trees not suitable for other use; plus the other materials are NATURAL.
  • For further information please refer to the product specific pages , FAQ's or Contact Us - we would be happy to help.

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